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  • 萃取津巴布韦烟草精华香气,感受浓郁纯正的天然
  • 烟草本香,乐享尼古丁带来的舒适满足感
  • Extract essence from Zimbabwe tobacco
  • Authentic tobacco flavor;Pure and natural aroma
  • Enjoy comfort and satisfaction of nicotine

  • 醇厚丰满的烟草香气,充盈整个口腔感受,柔和
  • 且悠长,体验全新的混合烟草味道
  • Full-bodied aroma
  • Original American blend taste with rich and long lasting aroma
  • New with blended tobacco taste

  • 烤烟香为主体香韵,还辅以一定的清香、果香、烘焙香和甜香,并可感受到一定的木
  • 香和药草香;香气较细腻,浓度较高,劲头中等,满足感较好,刺激性小,余味干净
  • Flue-cured Virginia tobacco taste while blended with various flavors
  • Exquisite and intense aroma,smooth and clean aftertaste
  • Multiple and Excellent smoking satisfaction

  • 薄荷的凉感混合烟草香气,入口顺滑且击喉感适中,
  • 激发凉爽清新的活力感受
  • Mimicking the taste of traditional tobacco with menthol flavor
  • Perfect mixture of refreshing minty taste and tobacco aroma
  • Offer a refreshing and joyful experience

  • 烟草搭配果香及薄荷,清新自然,香气干净持久,创
  • 造丰富的口感体验,随时享受清甜的休闲时刻
  • Tobacco mix with fruity and menthol flavor, creating a rich taste experience
  • Fresh aroma and clean aftertaste
  • Always feel the sweet leisure moment